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Import Desktop Balsamiq mockups into Confluence


I need to import mockups developed using Balsamiq 3 for desktop into Confluence. Taking in account that in Confluence the version available for Balsamiq in the version 2, how I can import my mockups into Confluence? Can anyone help me to do that? where I can look for available documentation on that?

Thank you a lot


Hey there!

We a great FAQ to walk you through this process here.

The only thing that may trip you up is that Confluence Server doesn’t yet support symbols (that’s coming), so you may want to break apart any symbols in your project before exporting it.

Let us know if we can help! :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan.

I apologize for my late. I partially resolved importing the xml format. However I’m facing another problem. When I saved the imported mokup confluence state following advice

Error rendering macro ‘mockup’ : For input string: “145.5”

Haave you any suggestion to solve this error?

Thanks a lot


Strange, Antonio. I’m sorry about that.

Would you email the file to so that I can test it? Also, if you can include the version of Confluence and Mockups for Confluence that is installed on your instance, that would help a ton too!

I’m sorry again, Antonio. I’ll look for your email, and we will get this fixed. :slight_smile: