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Import Mockup but use existing symbols


Hopefully a Balsamiq pro can help with what is likely an easy error on my part. I have split a Balsamiq 3 file into two separate files. How can I export/import from one file to the other without creating a duplicate set of symbols in the target file? The symbols are the same in the two files.

The closest thing that I have found is to export both files to a Balsamiq 2 version…move the mockup bmml file to the target and create a new Balsamiq 3 file from that set of mockups/assets/symbols. However, this is a lot of work and I lose all the notes. Is there an easier way?

Thank in advance…


Hi @weragsxr, right now this is not possible. Even though the symbols are the same to you, in the system, they have different IDs. So when you bring over mockups from one project to the other, the symbols are totally different.

We’re planning to make things like this easier in the future, or at least make it a whole lot easier to switch from a symbol to another one. Right now though, this is just not a workflow that we support. Sorry about that!