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Import SVG as Asset


I see that SVG is not among the image types that can be imported as assets. But, I saw elsewhere that Balsamiq uses SVG internally for rendering. Are there plans to allow us to import SVG assets?



Hi @pixelpshr,

Thanks for the post. It’s true that, for Balsamiq Wireframes, we’re now using vectors internally for controls but, for now, we’re going to continue to support only GIF, JPG and PNG for image importing.

As with all feature requests, we’re tracking requests for support of SVG import and I have gone ahead and added your vote in support. Thank you for the feedback.

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Thanks for the quick response!
I certainly do understand the decision to stick with raster objects as image assets. I’m sure that a poorly formed SVG file could wreak havoc on the renderer.

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+1 for SVG assets!


Another vote here for SVG (or at least SOME vector-based format!!).