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Import XML into Balsamiq


I’ve have some mockup which I did last year, and I remember all the
import and export were in XML format. Now the import and export feature change to JSON format,
I’m wondering how could I get back my old mockup source (I dont have the project, all in XML format).


@Oveyo_Banshee I believe you will need to install an older version that supports the XML import. From a quick search I found that 2.2.24 was recommended in the past for a different issue. The download can be found at,

You will need to install 2.2.24, use 2.2.24 to import your xml files, and then save your mockups using the save or save-as options. This will save your mockups as .bmml files. Then in 3.1.2 you can import your mockups using Project -> Import -> BMML Mockups…

  • Jarin


@Oveyo_Banshee, I’m not sure how you have the XML stored, but if it’s in .xml files, just rename them to .bmml and import them in B3 from the Project > Import menu.