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Imported assets are resized

I’ve recently upgraded to Balsamiq 4 for desktop. When I import assets they are resized, compressed and lose fidelity. In 3 I never had this issue. Is there some way to retain the dimensions of uploaded assets?

For instance, when I upload a 460x469 png it becomes 368x375 within Balsamiq. I can resize it to the original dimensions but it will look bad due to lost fidelity.

Hi @Arthur and thanks for the post.

With the release on 3/4 we had a fix to ensure that double-resolution images maintained their dimensions. Which OS platform are you on (macOS or Windows) and which version of Balsamiq Wireframes are you using?

Can you send me the image in question so I can take a look without making any assumptions? If so, send it to and we’ll go from there. Thank you!

I’m on Windows 10, version 4.0.25.

Here’s the image in question but it wasn’t limited to this image. I often like to use screenshots of actual UI and then add modifications with balsamiq.


Thank you @Arthur. Let me delve into this and get back to you, ok?

Hello again @Arthur - I noticed you’re a couple of minor revisions out of date (4.0.25). Would you mind downloading the latest version of the Windows app (4.0.28) and let me know how it goes:

I just tried using your image in 4.0.28 on Windows 10 and it’s added to my assets at the original size.

I updated and I still have this issue. Here’s a video:

I tried both with using File > Import > Assets and dragging the image directly into Balsamiq. If I resize the image after uploading it it will look like this compared to the original:

This isn’t a huge deal for me as I can work around it but it’s weird that I’m consistently seeing it when it seems it hasn’t been reported before.

Hello again,

If you add the image to your assets in the Assets view:

what size is listed:

It shows 368x375 :confused:

Thanks @Arthur. This is very odd. Would you mind emailing me the original file as an attachment (in case something funky is happening when I download the copy from this thread) and we’ll investigate? please, and thank you!