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Imported Assets keep disappearing


Hi, I recently purchased Mockups 3 and am enjoying using it pretty much daily now.
I have found one annoying bug though:
I’ve imported some PNG images as assets to use in my mockups (very useful to show how existing screens can be changed).
I keep finding that when I reopen a project, some of the assets have disappeared - they still exist but the image is blank.
They are blank both in the Assets area and also in all the mockups I’ve used them in. (And exported PDF)
To work around this I have to use ‘Import new version’, then the image is restored everywhere I’ve used it in the project.
It seems to happen to different images each time, not a particular image.
I noted a similar bug reported with the Icon library, but I’m not using this, just the Assets area.

Would love to know if there is a workaround available? Thanks!


Hey @kati,

That sounds like it’s related to a bug we squashed a couple version back. Are you running Mockups 3.1.8? ( If you aren’t, head over to the download page and grab it. That should solve the issue.


Thanks for the quick reply @Brendan_Saricks! I’m using 3.1.5 so I’ll try the upgrade and let you know, cheers!


Well I haven’t been using Assets as much as I was a few weeks ago - but I can say I haven’t seen this problem again since getting 3.1.8 - thanks again for the quick reply :slight_smile: