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Importing a template into Online Balsamiq version


I am new to myBalsamiq. I downloaded a storyboard template and wanted to import to mybalsamiq to view and see how it looks…however, I am not sure how to import it and then to actually open it to view.

Tried searching online, however, nothing answers my question.

Help and guidance would be appreciated.



Hey Paul. :slight_smile:

What format is the storyboard template?

If it’s an image, here is the documentation for importing image assets.

If it’s from our Mockups to Go community site, you can import it by following these steps.

If it is another format, let me know, and we will see if we can figure out a way to import it.

I’ll stand by for your response.


Hi Brendan
Sorry for only responding now.It is a .bmpr file.
Had a look at those links. They haven’t resovled the issue, unless I am missing something.
This is the link to the mockup:
I can upload it into assets, but how do I view it from there?



Oh, sorry about that, @Paul_Benn. BMPR files need to be converted in order to work properly in myBalsamiq.

Here are the BMML files for that BMPR. You can upload them using the upload new mockup button on your project page.

Let me know if that works a little better for you. :slight_smile:

CustomerJourneyMapTemplate.bmml (23.5 KB)
PersonaTemplate.bmml (12.9 KB)
StoryboardTemplate.bmml (7.3 KB)


Thanks Brendan that worked.

Appreciate your help