Importing BMPR files?


Hi, is it possible to import a BMPR file or convert it to BMML?




Hi Martin,

This link looks like it might help. Look for, “Importing from other versions of Balsamiq Mockups” or “Exporting to Other Versions of Balsamiq Mockups” and that gives directions.

Hope that helps out,


Hi @Martin1,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

Are you trying to import a BMPR file to myBalsamiq, our web version?
It is definitely possible, and there are a couple of ways we can go about doing it.

As @Beth mentioned, if you have a copy of any Mockups 3 product (Desktop, Google Drive, Atlassian Cloud, etc) you can load the BMPR into it and select Project > Export > Project to BMML Zip. You can then upload this zip file as a new project in myBalsamiq.

More details here if needed.

Hope this helps! Anything else, we’re here. :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to Mockups 3 but would still like to use the ZIP files from UX Apprentice web site. I could not find any advice on the aforementioned pages. :frowning:




Hi @BtF and thanks for getting in touch about this.

Are you using our web version, myBalsamiq, by any chance?
If so, you can use this ZIP file instead and import it as a new project in myBalsamiq.

If instead you’d like to open it in Mockups 3 for Desktop, you can start a trial by downloading the app here.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Thanks Virgin, the ZIP file did it. Do you think it could be made available directly from the UX Apprentice pages?



PS. I understood from the thread subtitle and its content, that it was for myBalsamiq only, so did not mention that again…


Glad to hear it worked for you @BtF. We are actually considering it, thanks for the suggestion my friend. :slight_smile:

Anything else, we’re here!


@Virgin- i uploaded bmpr file to balsamiq google drive but not able to export it in bmml file.

My end goal is to export all my projects from balsamiq cloud version and import it to myBalsamiq. Please help


Hey @patel.rutvik,

Sorry for the trouble with this, my friend.

The easiest way to do that would be to download the trial of Mockups 3 for Desktop and open the projects in there. Mockups 3 for Desktop has the option to export to bmml (Project > Export > Project to BMML Zip) which you can import into myBalsamiq.

Alternatively, if you send us the .bmpr files, we can convert them for you. Whatever is easiest for you!