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Importing Shared Symbol Libraries


My Balsamiq projects use Shared Symbols Libraries stored in the Account Assets folder. I am using the Balsamiq support page suggestion to create a Balsamiq 3 template with the Account Assets imported into the Symbol Library to make future wireframes. I am hoping for some guidance to migrate my old files to Balsamiq 3 so I can continue working on them.

When I import my Balsamiq 2 files I see the dreaded “Symbol not found” on the imported Balsamiq file. This happens when I import into my Balsamiq 3 template or into a blank Balsamiq 3 file. Interestingly, when importing the Account Asset Shared Symbol Libraries are imported as Markups as well. They do not go into the Symbols Library. They display properly with the exception of the “Image not found” on the images in the Account Assets Shared Symbols.

I have many Balsamiq 2 files to import so a migration plan that doesn’t require manually editing individual files is important. I could use a Text Editor to make bulk changes to the Balsamiq 2 files to prepare them for migration if necessary. For example, if it would be necessary to move the account asses to the symbols folder I could bulk search and replace:


Any help would be appreciated!
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I have found a possible stopgap solution…if any of the Balsamiq pros know an easier way please chime in. :wink:

For each project:

  1. Copy the Shared Symbol libraries to the “assets” folder within the project.
  2. For all the BMML files in the project use a text editor to bulk replace “$ACCOUNT/assets/” with “./assets/”
  3. Open Balsamiq 3 and “Import Project from BMMLs folder”.

The result looks good…I will do some testing and let you know if this works. Again, if you have a better way please let me know.

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Hello @weragsxr

Hmm how did you import your bmml files? One by one? Or as folder?

Did you follow the instructions of the migration guide?

I ask because the import from bmml folder should automatically import the old account assets to the symbols and update the references in the mockup.


Hello Florian,

Thank you for responding! I started by following the migration guide instructions and importing the bmml files as a folder. This led to the Shared Symbol files in account assets to be imported as Mockups and not as Symbols. The mockups that were imported show the dreaded “Symbol not found”. This import method be more successful if the Shared Symbol files in account assets were imported as the symbols they are and used to render the mockups in the project.

My work around requires a bunch of renaming and I don’t look forward to doing all that work to upgrade my projects to Balsamiq 3. Please pass along any expert suggestions that you might have.

Thank you,


Hi Michael, sorry for the trouble! I think I might know what is going on. I just did some tests myself, and noticed that the Account Assets were not imported if I had specified the location of the Account Assets folder using a config file. Is that maybe what you have?

If not, maybe you are trying to import the contents of your Account Assets folder? If you want to do that, you could get specific Symbol Libraries. Just make sure that you import using the correct option: BMML Symbol Libraries. If you import using Project from BMMLs Folder, they are going to be imported as mockups.

Hopefully that helps. If not—please give us some more details steps of what you are doing so we can try and recreate it. We’ll get this figured out—I’m sure of it! :smile:


Hi Ben,
Nice sleuthing! I changed the config file to target a new Account Assets folder when I first started using Balsamiq 2. What recommendations do you have for smoothly importing my Balsamiq 2 projects with the Account Assets folder defined in the config folder?
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The simplest thing to do for now would be to move the contents of your Account Assets to the default location. In the Documents folder (or Documents & Settings), create a Balsamiq Mockups folder that contains an assets folder and move everything into the assets folder. Then when you import, everything will come over.

If you only want a few of the symbol libraries, you can just do Project > Import > BMML Symbol Libraries instead. Thanks!