Importing website layout


Hi all!

I need to import/convert several websites to mockups, so I can modify them, add /remove items.
Anyone here tackled this one before? Are there available tools for the task?


Snagit-like ability to wireframe'ize a screenshot would be way cool

Hey @Yoel_Frischoff :slight_smile:

Thanks for joining the forums, my friend. I’m not sure how much help I will be on this (I have looked for tools like this in the past, unsuccessfully) but I can offer our Mockups to Go community site.

There may be some custom controls there that save you some time if you have to rebuild the layouts by hand.

If you come across a good HTML —> BMPR converter, please let me know. I’d love to be able to add it to support documentation!



Thanks @Brendan for this.
Will check the MU2G.

Meanwhile, I found this:

they promise their pro (pay per transaction) which would enable, they say, export to Balsamiq


Oh, interesting. That looks promising.

Fairly expensive, though. If you try them, let us know if they do a good job. We will get them added to our support resources. :slight_smile:


You could try it free and see for yourself (add the link to your fav-bar, and once you’re on the target website, pressing it transforms your browser window to frames.

Now if you want to get serious about it, (and use a free tool) you could go to
It still doesn’t work for me as I have to install an OLDER version of one of the prerequisites, phantomjs (current version 2.X, html-to-wireframe requires version 1.X)