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Impossible to add assets


i have problem to add assets on my mockup (on the web version of balsamiq).

I had no problem to upload assets before. I did it several times

But today i wanted to add 3 small size (2Ko) assets, and they don’t appear in the “project assets” file when i edit my mock up.
Impossible to work with them :confused:

can someone help me please?

(sorry for my bad english)


Hi @Lao_Ra,

Sorry for the snag. Let’s try to get those assets in your project:

Would you mind trying to upload the related files from the project page outside the editor?

Here is the documentation page if needed:

Please let us know if the issue persists, we’ll dig deeper!


That’s how i did it. but it doesn’t work anymore.
i upload them from this link, it say “successfully uploaded” but then, when i click on “Edit” and open “project assets” it’s empty :pensive:


Sorry again for the hassle @Lao_Ra.

Just one check: are you sure they have been uploaded as project assets (vs site assets)?

If so, please send the files to so we can further look into it. We’ll get to the bottom of this!


yes, i’m sure i upload it in “project assets”. After that, i even upload it in “site assets” too, just to be sure ^^’

i will send the files, thanks for your help