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Improve the display of notes when exporting to PDF


I really like the Notes panel in v3, but when the notes are exported as part of a PDF they aren’t easily discoverable. I would be nice if you could,

  • Have an option to display the notes at the top or the bottom of the page.
  • Use a traditional font when displaying notes. While I appreciate the hand drawn look in my wireframes, when it comes to the notes I would much prefer to see the text rendered in a “normal” font like Arial.
  • Use a darker color so that the notes stand out on the page. The grey makes the notes look washed out and it is very easy to just skip by them as you’re reviewing a set of wireframes.

And if I’m really throwing a wish list together, it would be nice if the rendered notes were actual text and not just images of rendered text.


Hey @Justin_Stockton!

Improving how notes look on exports is something we have been talking about recently, so your feedback is super helpful (and super timely). I will make sure it reaches the right ears :slight_smile:

I can say that having notes (and other elements) be actual text is something we are planning on looking into right after we go native.

Thanks for this Justin. Let me know if you think of anything else!


I have a dumb question, but when we export our Mockup Notes to PDF, we’re having trouble finding the Notes in the PDF file. Where are you hiding them??


Hey @Zeke_Weeks,

If you are using Mockups 3 for Desktop, you need to make sure that you have the Mockup Notes option selected in the export dialog.

The notes should show up at the bottom of the mockup. Here is a sample PDF to demonstrate that.

Notes.pdf (78.2 KB)

Unfortunately, myBalsamiq doesn’t support Mockup Notes in PDFs yet, but it’s coming!

Let me know if that helps, my friend. :slight_smile: