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Improvement: Close empty projects when opening project


Small improvement suggestion.
When I open balsamiq (I use the icon pinned to my task bar) and it opens a new blank project, and then I go and open an existing project (clicking on the open recent), it would be lovely if:

  1. The requested project opened on the monitor Balsamiq is already on (instead of on my ‘main’ monitor)
  2. The empty blank project closed automatically - I’ve not touched it at all

I’m often working on three or four smaller projects with multiple small edits. Once I’ve exported the next “version” I’ll close the project and wait for the next request before I reopen it. That could be tomorrow or next week.


Hi @RaeHanley, thanks for reaching out. I just tested this out, and it happens today! If I close all my projects and quit the app, when I restart it opens a new project. If I don’t touch that project and just go to Open Recent and choose a project, the blank one is closed. I wonder what’s going wrong for you. I’m using 3.0.8, although I don’t think we added it recently. Just in case, it’d be great if you could update.

As for remembering the monitor where you were before, I fear that this is something that might have to wait until we get to native apps. I don’t know that we have the ability to direct that with the Air app, but we’ll take a look.


Hi @Ben,

Strange, I am not finding the same results. I just restarted my computer and re-downloaded v3.0.8 just in case I had a weird install of it. But, no go.

  1. Open Balsamiq (no projects are loaded just the empty project)
  2. Project > Recent > pick any recent project
  3. New project loads, but the blank one is still there. (If i i move the project window the original blank one is still there. If I close the project, the blank one still shows.

Running: Windows 7


Gotcha. Thanks for checking again. It must be a Windows issue. I’m on a Mac. We’ll take a look!


Thanks for checking for me!

As for the monitor thing, I was thinking more that when I open a project it opens on the other window, rather than in the window that I’m using right now. But it’s a bit unpredictable, since it happens only some of the time and I haven’t played around with it enough to know exactly when it opens in the window I’m working in or when the newly opened project opens in the other window.

I expect however, the issue is related to the “remembering monitor” issue so no worries.


One thing that we thought of for the empty project is to make sure that it’s truly empty. Could you do a quick test for me? Open Balsamiq and create a new project (Project > New Project). Then close all other projects so that only that brand new one is open. Close that project last. Then open Balsamiq by launching it from your programs—don’t open it by clicking on a project anywhere. Then use Project > Open Recent and see if it closes the blank project. Thanks!


Sure can do.

Tired opening Balsamiq from

  1. program icon pinned to the taskbar
  2. program icon in the start menu program
  3. programs menu of the c:drive
  4. Also tried it by “quitting” Balsamiq via the menu rather than clicking on the “x” in the corner.

Still opens recent projects in a new window and doesn’t close the blank project.


Thanks for giving it a shot. We’ll dig more.


I am also seeing this on Win7.
How can I get Balsamiq to always open the last used project?


I’ve always had success getting Balsamiq to open the last used project by not closing out the project, just quit and when you reopen, all previously loaded projects should be there.


Hey all, sorry for the confusion. We figured out what is going on. Here are the details:

On Windows, if you use Project > Quit, then all the projects that you had open previously will be opened the next time. However, if you just close by using the X, then the operating system defaults take over. For windows, those defaults are the following:

  • If you start the app directly, it will open with a new empty project
  • If you open a project from the file system, then it will open only that project

On a Mac, it’s basically the same thing. So if you want to see the projects you were working on previously the next time you open the app, just quit using Project > Quit. Thanks!


So basically it won’t close the empty project when you open a new one, unless you open the file directly.

Good to know it’s not a bug. But feel free to add a +1 to that feature going forward. :smile: