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Improvement: Combine "Inspector" with "Project properties"


Project properties is rather hard to find. And once you’ve used it, it’s also very hard to hide. I had huge trouble finding it the first time I used v3 - and even harder time closing it.

How about just doing it Adobe way: combine Inspector and Project properties into one panel, and show appropriate UI elements depending on what the user has selected in app. If you have a label selected, show options for label. If you have nothing selected (or maybe a mockup, since “nothing” is reserved for notes), show options for the project.


Hey @markusku, thanks for sharing your thoughts here. And sorry it was hard to find! If you want to close it, just click again on the highlighted icon, or use the keyboard shortcut again (+,).

They do feel a little sparse currently. But for us, they are starting points for some additional features that we have planned. Let’s give it a few months and see how things go. Thanks again!