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Improvement: Make version option


In the macro parameters you’re defining the version number that’s use to link to the attachments containing the data … when transporting content between confluence instances it’s very easy for this to go out of sync and you end up withe the ‘has someone deleted it’ message.

The version in the URL for the attachments servlet is optional, if you don’t provide it then you will be given the most recent version - to my mind you should also look at making the version number in the macro optional so that you don’t have to go editing the XML every time you copy a page over from one instance to another.

Alternatively provide an action which can be applied to a page which goes through and fixes the versions used in the macro to match the versions of the xml atachments and automatically generates the placeholder images to match.


Hi @Alain,

We added your request and comments in our internal tracker so we can further discuss it with the team.

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, that’s always very helpful for us! :smile: