Improvement request: Manage icon color in "List" component

Hey guys!

I really like this component and the fact that it does not provide an attribute to customize the font size (only style) can be bypassed by customizing a text component and then converting it to list (I’ve found myself “cheating” this way in many occasions also with other components that do not allow full font customization). Changing the font size in this way also affects the size of the icons that can be assigned to the list’s items, which is awesome!

If only it were possible to change the color of the icons that can be assigned to each list item… A workaround could have been adding the custom colored icons separately but sacrificing the icon size adaptation thingy.

In general I would expect all components that work with text (and/or icons) to provide the same types of text (and/or icon) customization.


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Hello Yorgos

Thanks for the post and for the feedback - we’re always keen to hear how we can improve.

First, I can confirm that it’s not possible to change the color of those icons. I’ve already filed a ticket with our dev team to ask them to consider it.

I hope you understand that many feature requests like this are considered but ultimately not included for a variety of reasons, not least a desire to limit complexity. We’re passionate about the fact that we’re a low-fidelity tool. We believe that having fewer choices at the ideation stage leads to a focus on ideas rather than the presentation.

All that said, thank you again for the feedback - it’s very much appreciated.

Best regards


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Hello Alasdair,

I do understand the principle of “fewer choices - less distractions” and I totally agree. What I do not agree on is that an object, the icon in this case, is inconsistent in terms of attributes with respect to the same object but in a different component.

That being said, I understand that development choices undergo a lengthy evaluation process and it’s not always easy to integrate a new functionality if its business value is not high.

Thank you for the prompt response and keep on the great work!

Kind regards,


Hi Yorgos

Your point is well made. Sometimes I have to give an answer that’s not the ideal one I’d like to give so thanks for understanding and for your support of the product and Balsamiq.

All the best


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If there is a way to “vote” for feature requests, please consider this a +1