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Improvement: support + and − operations inside position & size fields


When creating components I mostly use UI elements with specific sizes (based on our internal UI guideline). When I add UI elements into a dialog for example, I always know that the dialog needs to grow by 64 pixels for example. So, instead of doing math in my head or using a calculator it would be really convenient if I could just add 64 pixels to what ever the current height of the dialog is.

If the current height of the dialog is 187 pixels and newly added UI element is 64 pixel high, I would just type (after clicking height field) “+64” and press enter — the new value would be 251 pixels. This would significantly simplify changing dimensions and positions!

A visual example with different numbers:


Whoa, cool! It will be interesting to see if others have the same need as well. Gotta love Sketch! :smile:


I’d like to see this too. Another application I use has this feature and I use it all the time.


This would be a very useful feature for me too. I frequently need to adjust objects by specific offsets and would find it much more pleasant (and speedier) if I could do that “in-place” rather than calling up a calculator or doing the math in my head.

Support of multiplication and division operators would be useful too - sometimes I halve or double certain dimensions. I would also like to be able to easily scale objects appearing in a schedule-timeline application in exact proportion to the time they occupy.