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Inability to change Text Color on Text Input control



I am using Text Input controls to create a mockup of labels for a legend that displays above a grid. See screenshot below.

When I set the Background Color on these controls, some of them have a Text Color of BLACK and some have WHITE. It’s doing this automatically and I’ve yet to find a way to prevent this without using multiple controls (rectangle and label) to replicate what I want to mockup.

Can you please add a Text Color picket next to the Background and Border Color pickers? Again, see screenshot above. Or, tell me an easier way to accomplish what I need without using multiple controls.


Hey @CMT, sorry for the hassle with the Text input boxes.

We have been discussing adding a color picker to all the text controls, and I’ll give the discussion a nudge with your comments.

In the meantime, you can use the color text formatting to force the black color. {color:black}Text{color} will make the text black, regardless of background color. You can read more about text formatting options here:

Hopefully that workaround reduces the pain. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you :smiley:


Thank You

good idea

bless you man :slight_smile:


Yes please, color picker for all text controls makes a lot of sense. It’s much easier than using the {} formatting.
It’s very frustrating/confusing caused by the inconsistency when using different components, some having the text color picker and some without. (BTW, this sentiment is also true of show border option and border color picker.)