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Inconsistencies with Ctrl + Enter shortcut


In a regular text, Ctrl + Enter - completes the edit (works as expected).
In a text input field, Ctrl + Enter expands the input to a big size, this is weird and unexpected. Can you please fix and make Ctrl + Enter, complete the edit consistently.


Hey @navmed!

This is actually something we have been talking about recently. We are considering changing the transform shortcut to ALT+ENTER on the text input. That way, both ENTER and CTRL+ENTER would complete the edit.

Does that sound like a good compromise to you?


Thanks for the super-quick reply.

By transform, I assume you mean making it larger, sure Alt+Enter works for me. But enter without a modifier will still add a line-feed on regular text correct?


Exactly! :slight_smile:

Right now, CTRL+Enter transforms the text input into a text field control. That’s the only shortcut we would change in this scenario. Everything else would work as it did before.


That sounds awesome! Thank you Brendan.