Indentation and alignment of text in any object

Hello Balsamiq Team!

As a product manager, I’d like to see the following feature so I can come up with clean mock-ups more easily:
Introduce the possibility to Indent/Align text in any object

Mark-up language similar to this could be used:

  • allow the syntax from the data grid {10L 20R 15C} in combination with tab stops (comma is no good in a text)
  • use “{indent:0[mm]}This text starts at position 0mm from the object. {indent:50[%]}This text starts at the center of the object”
  • use “{align:left}This text is left-aligned. {align:right} This text is right-aligned”

I’ve seen the documentation to copy controls, remove the duplicate text, indent the control. This may work for ordinary text or so, but is already cumbersome. It doesn’t work for advanced objects, when i need text to be left- and right-aligned with a gap in the middle, e.g., inside an ‘accordion’. To exclude the right-aligned text and put it in a separate object is really not comfortable to handle.

Screenshot 2022-08-23 091430

Please let me know if I need to clarify something. Thank you!

Hi @TomR

Thanks for the message. We understand what you are saying and can certainly add this feature request feedback to our tracking.

I would say that more granular control over text formatting like this starts to move away from the sketchy, low-fidelity look that early-stage wireframes usually call for and moves towards more pixel-accurate, higher-fidelity prototyping where a different tool may be a better solution.

I also hear you when you say that creating the look you need with multiple, overlaid controls can be less confortable to handle but I would mention considering using Symbols which can often mitigate a lot of work in cases like these. It may not work in your specific case but I mention it for completeness.