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Indenting / Organizing Mockups

Hi friends - is there any method of indenting or organizing mockups in Balsamiq 3.5? My list is growing so long that it is becoming difficult to work with.

Absolutely, @Doug.

You can use our Wireframe Hierarchy feature. More information on that here.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Perfect! Thank you.

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Never would have guessed the feature exists from the BW UI. Kindly consider some visual clue, e.g. a context menu alternative to Tab / Shift-Tab.

And maybe add a sentence top the documentation “we also have some easter egg features hidden in the tutorials.”

It’s in the main documentation too, @Karsten_Tinnefeld, but we will think if there is a better way we could be surfacing it.

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Oops, yes. I never read documentation to seemingly obvious panes… It’s a bit like hidden PowerPoint slides. You never knew they exist until you met them :wink:
Thanks for the considerations.

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