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Infinite canvas and frames like in Figma (and others) for better wireflows and prototyping

I really love the speed and ease of wireframing in Balsamiq! :heart_eyes:

However, for creating “wireflows” with arrows and clickable prototypes with multiple screens on the same “canvas” Balsamiq isn’t very well-suited. So, a model like in Figma (and XD and others) with a single canvas which can hold multiple frames which can be linked with both arrows and prototype links would be very useful!

(I know it would be a major overhaul in terms of changing the foundational model of how Balsamiq Wireframes work, but still - it’s quite cumbersome moving back and forth between Balsamiq and Figma…)

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Hi @Andreas_Ibsen and thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

I’ve just added your vote for enlarging the canvas area, which is something we are discussing for the future.

About your second request: while we totally understand how useful this would be for your workflow, we don’t plan on adding more interaction to the tool as we are trying to keep the focus on being a low-fidelity wireframing tool. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend!

@Andreas_Ibsen I think you can accomplish your requirement by creating two separate wireframes and creating a clickable link. I wouldn’t try to expect feature parity between Figma and Balsamiq - they are different programs for specific reasons.

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Yes, I know, that’s the way it works with clickable prototypes in Balsamiq.
I’m not expecting feature parity with Figma by any means, the two tools have different aims.
I’m really just saying, that having multiple wireframes (“screens”/UI states) on a single canvas is a great way to work with making (static) diagrams by drawing flow arrows between wireframes. All of this while still providing the ability to also directly wire them up as clickable prototypes.
You don’t get that overview when wireframes are distributed across multiple pages/canvases.