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Inflated File Size


I am looking for guidance on easy wasys to reduce my file size. Imagine I have a master BMPR/Project file that is very large. I want to use a smal subset of that file, so I save it under a different name, and then delete all the unused mockups (let’s say the original file had 20 mocks, and I delete 15 of them). My file is still very large, while I was anticipating it only be 25% of the first file size. I suspect I can go into the Assets file and delete the unused assets, but that is very tediious (I think I have over 75 assets). What can I do, as most of my files are freezing.


Hi @goldend329,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

After deleting the unused mockups, did you also empty the trash? If not, this should help reducing the file size. More details about the trash here if needed:

For the unused assets/images, we recently implemented a way to automatically select the unused ones via the Edit menu as shown below:

You will then only need to delete them and empty the trash.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance with this, we’ll be here to help! :smile:

Best regards,