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Information lost when copying a mockup from one project to another in myBalsamiq


We have been trying to copy a mockup from one project to another in myBalsamiq. When following your instructions found here: it turns out that the copy does not look similar to the original. The appearence of the UI controls seems to be set to their original look. E. g. if you have changed the color of a post-it to blue, the copied post-it will still have the original yellow color.

Is there another way of copying mockups that will keep the formatting preserved?

We are using Editor Version 2.3.4868 on Windows. Issue exist both in Windows 7 and 10.


Sorry about that, @cawose! It sounds like something weird is going on. :frowning:

When you’re moving the mockup, are you using the export XML option or the download BMML option? That will help us narrow down potential issues.

Would it also be possible to take a peek at your account? If you shoot me an email, and give me the ok to check your site, I will take a look!

Sorry again for the trouble. We will do everything we can to get it sorted.


We have tried both options with the same result.


Something weird is definitely up, then. I just tested it, and post-it notes were copied, color intact.

Would you mind if we took a look at your instance?


Please do!


I’m not seeing a site with your registered email address. Would you mind shooting me the site name in an email (using the email registered to your myBalsamiq account)? We can pick this up from there. :slight_smile:


Brendan helped me find that it was the skin value that was reset to the default value when copied that caused the error for us, Thanks, Brendan!