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Install Balsamiq on Linux (with Wine)


Hi everyone, I was a Balsamiq user on Windows but I have moved on Linux the last couple of months. myBalsamiq is not an option for me, so I tried to install the desktop version on my laptop. I read the Wine works well with it. However, I downloaded the latest version for Windows, right click on it and check open with Wine. Then let all the checkboxes checked and click on install. The installation stacks on “Installing application” and doesn’t finish.

What can I do?


Hey @TasosVentouris,

I couldn’t find any matches for ‘Balsamiq Mockups’ on Wine’s supported apps Db or their forum.

Not sure what sources you’re referring to here, though it doesn’t seem as if there is any real support for Linux users.

I’ll let you know if I stumble upon anything that could be of remote use.


From here

Linux User?

We don’t support it, but we heard the .exe works via Wine

And also from another thread here in this forum about users claimed that it works.


Hey all,

You are correct that we no longer official support Linux. The post where we first heard that it can work with Wine is here: Balsamiq Desktop -- Linux support?. Notice that he downloaded the bundled installer, not the default windows installer. Good luck!


Awesome…That’s work like a charm. I tried it with the installer