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(Inter)Linking alternate versions



i can link to official version of any page i’ve created.

it would be really very helpful to create different states of same page & do the deep linking to the alternate version.

All i need is alternate versions also show up indented in Link dropdown.


Hi @vijayraj.bhatt,

Thanks for reaching out today.

While you can’t directly set a link to an alternate version of a mockup, there are two easy ways to work around it:

  1. Use our new way to organize mockups (implemented in version 3.3): you can now simply create a parent/child relationship between different versions of a single mockup, allowing you to link to any mockup:

    More details here if needed:
    The latest version (3.3.3) can be downloaded here if needed:

  2. Put the focus on the alternate version (instead of the official) as shown below:

    Once that is done, the link will direct you to the alternate version and this will be reflected also in Full Screen Presentation Mode. Also, if you need your PDF export to reflect this, you will only need to select “active” from the new PDF window:

    It will export only the alternate version (not the official one) and the link will work in the PDF too.

Please let us know if you need any additional information or support, we’re always happy to help however we can! :smile:

Linking alternate screens

hi… thanks…

first workaround is fine when i start new project and create a new set… i’ve issues with currently running projects where i’ve around 50 mockups and ~8-10 versions so not much possible to convert versions to children

second workaround has limitation and i cant to do linking between versions to bring out all probabilities… i cant tag one alternate version to be used for all cases i’ve

again… interlinking between versions would be very useful.



Would love to get this conversation going again. Big need in presentation mode to be able to cluck through a bunch of alternates (think checking boxes in a list) without having to make a whole new mock.
i.e. if # was the mockup and letter was the alternate:
:click checkbox:
1a :click checkbox:
1b :click dropdown:
1c :click dropdown:
1d :click checkbox:

there’s only one little thing changing on the page. make sense?


Very much so, @Gavin_Feuer. Thanks for the nudge on this.

I’ll make sure the dev team sees your comments, and we will talk about it again :).

If there is anything else you’d like to see, please let us know. This stuff helps us make Mockups better!


Awesome, excited to hear back!


bump :slight_smile:


Sorry that there hasn’t been much movement here, @Gavin_Feuer. We are all hands on deck for the native web version right now, but this is still on our radar. :slight_smile: