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Interacting with Tree Views


I’ve read about the philosophy of limiting Mockups’ interactivity, but I hope I’m missing something.

I’d really like to be able to scroll a tree view and expand/collapse the branches, which would allow linking from objects further down the tree. It’s such a small thing, but would be tremendously useful for better storytelling/navigation.

Is there a way to do what I’m after? It’d be a big leap to a Javascript prototype just to add this level of interaction.

In case it’s platform-specific, I’m running the Jira plug-in.


Hi @RichardH and thanks for reaching out today.

Just checking: sounds like you’re using Mockups 3 for JIRA Cloud, right?

While our tool has indeed low interactivity on purpose, you should be able to achieve partly your need by using the Linking feature. Scrolling will not be an option but you could easily demonstrate expanding/collapsing the branches this way.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need any further information.


Mockups 3 for Jira Cloud, yes.

OK, it sounds like it is what it is, and I’m not missing anything. Yes, I could use linking to make it look like the tree was being expanded / collapsed, but this is a really bad hack - any edits made to one mockup would need to be synchronized across all the replicas.

I really had hopes that Balsamiq Mockups would carry me further than this. I get the concept of minimizing interactivity and making it like a digital version of napkins… but, frankly, I can get that with a drawing package.

Having working scrollbars and expand/collapse (ditto for selectable combo box pull-downs) really wouldn’t be a huge deviation from your philosophy, but it would make the product so much more useful in bridging the gap between static drawings and prototype apps.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @RichardH.

While I totally understand your need here, defining which features to add can be tricky sometimes. We make sure to consider every request but we also try to keep the app as easy-to-use as possible since Balsamiq Mockups is meant to be a starter tool.

About this:

Using the Symbols feature should definitely help with that.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: