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Internal errors


We’ve just migrated to Balsamiq Cloud from MyBalsamiq and I keep encountering the same problem over and over. I randomly get an error saying I’ve encountered an internal error, the engineers have been notified and a simple page refresh should fix the problem. When I refresh there’s nothing on my page and I have to refresh again.

It’s getting beyond a joke now as I’ve lost countless hours today because of random browser crashes, offline problems (ie. the system suddenly decides I’m offline and stops working) and internal errors. I’ve tried multiple browsers as well and none of them seem immune from the issues. I’m not sure if it’s my company computer set up (quite possible) or that Balsamiq Cloud is buggy.

Anyone got any solutions as I’m about to lose my mind.


Hi @RenMac and so sorry for the trouble.

I’ve replied to your email already and we’ve pushed an update today that contains fixes for some of the errors you’ve encountered. The remaining ones are currently being investigated by our dev team.

Please let us know how the app behaves for you today by responding to the email, we’ll do our very best to help with this!