Introducing Balsamiq Cloud


Hello friends of Balsamiq!

Today is a big day for our small company.

You could say it’s the beginning of a new chapter for us. This feels like the biggest product release in our company’s history.

We are very excited and proud to announce to you…

Balsamiq Cloud!

Balsamiq Cloud is our brand new, fast, web-native (no Flash!) web application!
Check it out in this 1-minute teaser video:

Balsamiq Cloud uses the new Balsamiq Wireframes editor we introduced you to a few weeks ago, and it’s the best way to do collaborative, online wireframing.
Sign up today at

Over the last 9 years, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from you about what makes ‘the perfect low-fidelity wireframing tool’ and put it all together in a sweet little package.

In many ways, this is the product we should have built from day one.

We completely re-worked how project sharing works: now you can decide if each user should be allowed to edit, or just review and comment on projects. You can also have multiple project owners if you’d like, and even allow public reviews and comments.

We use vectors everywhere, so controls scale nicely, and exported interactive PDFs look amazing (and you can even select the text in them!)

Cloud also has some new features:

  • The canvas size is 400% bigger
  • You can change roles temporarily to review your work
  • We have built-in rich comments (with callouts!)
  • Multi-project member chat with real-time collaboration.

The app is solid. We ran a beta program, followed by an early-access program, and we already have 26 happy paying customers.

Here’s what Saffad Khan, Product Designer at Deliveroo, has to say about it:

Balsamiq Cloud fits in really well in our design process. It’s just the right level fidelity for me and it’s fast. Really fast. It’s always saved online and shared across the team. I haven’t touched my sketchbook in a while and I love it!

Useful links:

What Happens to myBalsamiq?

We built Balsamiq Cloud as a separate, parallel product. We know many of you are happy with myBalsamiq and don’t want (or don’t have the time) to change to a new solution.

Migrating your projects, users and subscription from myBalsamiq to Cloud is fairly easy, but we don’t want to rush anyone. If you’re happy with myBalsamiq, you can stick with it.

We’re not going to accept new customers to myBalsamiq starting today, but we’ll continue supporting existing customers for a long time.

What About the Desktop Version?

Mockups 3 for Desktop is alive and well. In fact, we just made a release that adds the iPhone X control and fixes a few bugs! Go get it from the download page now!

We are also hard at work rewriting our Desktop clients with native technologies, and are ramping up our efforts so that we can finally abandon Flash and Adobe Air in 2018.

If you want to try out Cloud, know that it uses the same BMPR file format as Mockups 3 for Desktop, so you can upload your existing projects easily.

Let Us Know What You Think!

Balsamiq Cloud is a new project, so you might hit some rough edges and it might be missing some features that are important to you. Our whole team is on standby, waiting for your feedback.

Try it out and let us know what you think!



Congratulations to Balsamiq Team! :star:

P.S. No links are working in the post for some reason :dizzy_face:


Hi Alexey

Thanks for the kind words and also for the note about the links. Oops! Those are now fixed.


Woot woot! Good work - I cant wait for the DT version! <3