iPad rotation in landscape orientation


This might seem like a nonsense issue, but as we are using the iPad camera heavily in the intended application, having the home-button on the right side of the screen when used in landscape orientation should be the default way of presenting the iPad symbol. Is there a way of rotating the iPad so we get the home button on the right hand side?


Hi @Joa_Palmer,

Thanks for the post - your question is definitely not a nonsense question!

Given the use case, it makes sense that we should consider adding a rotated iPad (and iPhone) with the button on the right. Indeed, you’re the second person to request it so I’ll add your vote in support to our tracking.

In the meantime, you could work around the absence by adding the control as an image/asset (See: Working with Images and Assets). It’s not a perfect solution but hopefully it’ll be good enough for now? I’ve attached an image of the iPad control, flipped so the home button is on the right so feel free to use it:

Get back to me with any other questions, ok?

All the best and happy wireframing!


Thanks, I’ll try that!