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Ipad Wireframe - App Bar icons

I am about installing Balsamiq for my compagny need. I installed the trial version to see if the tool will be ok for our need. I am trying to do some mobile wireframes and see. So, I will post my questions consequently

First question :slightly_smiling_face:
I created an IPAD Container.
To add the application menu, I think the app bar is good but I am not able to do the following:

  • Center the label of the app bar
  • When I add icons (icons for which I will associate links to other pages), I am not able to place icons where I want. The tool is ading them in the left one after the other. I want ot be able to put some icons on the right, some text between then and so on…

Hey @simple45,

It may be easier to DM us the project file so that we can take a look, and maybe give you some pointers. You can either DM it to me here on the forums, or email us at

You want me to send you the wireframe ? But it is really my Begining with balsamiq.

M’y question is about the balsamiq app bar. Am I able to add icons in any place on this bar or not ?

Hi @simple45 and thanks for sharing more details.

As you noticed, the App Bar will let you add icons on the right side of the control but you won’t be able to manually place them somewhere else.

As a workaround, you add more controls (icons and/or text) and then overlay the App Bar control with those new ones, allowing you to place them anywhere you want. Once that is done, you can then group the controls together to move them easily and even create a Symbol out of it if needed.

Hope this helps! Any questions, we’re here. :slight_smile:

Thanks Virgin.

If I go with what you are suggesting, what is the difference bertween using an app bar and using a rectangle where I can add whatever I want and put it as a menu ^

Thanks !

Hi @simple45,

It’s really just a question of amount of work vs. flexibility. If you use the App Bar control you get a slight head start. If you go with the Rectangle, you’ll start from scratch but you have more control over how you want your final, composite control to look.

But there’s really not that much in it. And, once you’ve created your control, you can easily turn it into a Symbol for convenient reuse so, from then on, using it is as straightforward as using any UI Library control.

For symbols, if my symbol is for example, a rectangle with 4 icons, I will still be able to link each icon to a separate wireframe, right ? I am asking that because seems like before creating a symbol I will have to group all the icons and the rectangle to be ONE object. So, I am not sure if I will still be able to refer to each icon separately ?

Hello @simple45,

Yes! Symbols are a great and powerful feature. We offer the ability to change individual instances of a Symbol so you can achieve your goal. We call this process ‘overriding’.

For details on exactly how to do it, see: Overriding Symbol Properties

If you’d like me to put together a quick example for you, just let me know?