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iPhone and Smartphone Controls - control over screen sizing please


The iPhone and Smartphone controls are useful but I have found they have one significant limitation - they cannot allow the screen size to be specified to match the actual device.

E.g. An iPhone 6/7 has a screen size in “points” of 375x667. The iPhone control in Balsamiq has a screen size of 323x575 units.

When producing mobile mockups it is advantageous to do so using elements sized to fit nicely on the screen. The iPhone control being smaller than an actual iPhone makes this harder.

I have worked around this with my own iPhone asset sized appropriately but it would be great if the in build controls matched the devices screen sizes.

You can see how the iPhone control compares to an asset sized against an iPhone here:


This is something that has come up before, @paulshoughton. There is some talk about adding a property to the smartphone controls that would allow you to specify a screen size and then resize the control accordingly.

I’ll see where we are on this. If other folks would like to see this, like this post.

Thanks for the nudge on this, Paul.