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Is it possible to implement a Stackoverflow-Like Vote Counter?

Hi guys
New here and using Balsamiq for a personal project. I am designing a Stackoverflow like discussion board where people can vote on questions and answers. For now, I have a wireframe where the counter is (eg) 10, and a link on the “upvote” Arrow which links to a wireframe where the counter is 11. Is this the recommended way to do this? If it helps in understanding my question I can post a link to the project if that is OK for people here.

thanks and wish you a great week

Hi Martin,
Balsamiq isn’t the best tool for high-fidelity interactive prototypes. The better (and faster) way of presenting the feature is annotating it, like pictured:

You can show/hide markup controls (like the yellow note) while presenting.
Otherwise, you’ll spend a huge amount of time, trying to show every microinteraction in Balsamiq.

Hi @mahed and thanks for joining our forums! :slight_smile:

That’s correct, Linking wireframes requires you to create one wireframe for each “state” you’d like to demonstrate. Our low-fidelity wireframing tool has “just enough” prototyping capabilities on purpose.

That being said, don’t hesitate to look around and compare the different tools that exist to make sure that you’re using the one that works the best for your needs!

Any questions, we’re here!