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Is it possible to link to a mockup in another project



We are developing a large-scale system, that is broken down into separate applications.

Our applications do link together, so I would like to be able to link from a page on one project to a page in another project. Is it possible to do this? I would like to keep the mockups in the appropriate projects without duplicating the mockups in order to link to them within a project. I hope that makes sense!

Any help on this would be appreciated!



Hi @garethlewis83,

Sorry but that is not something you can do in our little tool right now. As you mentioned, the mockups will have to be in the same project for you to link them.

Thanks for detailing your need on this. I’ve added your comment in our internal tracker so we can review and further discuss it internally. :wink:

If others would like to see this feature, please let us know by adding a comment/like to help us prioritize this request.


Hi Gareth and Virgin - I’m another myBalsamiq user who would be interested in this feature.

I’ll tell you how I’m using myBalsamiq and maybe there’s a better way.

Focusing on the positive: the tool is SO GREAT that I’m using it to mock up a large-ish system. In order to easily PDF-ize the various sections that are going to be reviewed, I’m currently using SIX of our 10 active projects for this one client. (It’s easy to clone projects so I can keep/print alternate versions.) Now I’d actually like to combine those projects back together.

If I could do that, then I wouldn’t need cross-linking. Or if it’s not possible, then I add another vote for cross linking.

But the “big picture” issue is, “Management of projects with ~100 mockups: what’s the best way to do that?” Maybe projects and sub-projects (with linking possible amongst them) would make Gareth’s linking possible.

Thank you all for a terrific product!


Hi Julianne,

Thanks for the kind words, we truly appreciate it! :smile:

The “easiest” way to merge your projects into one would be to use our desktop version for merging them.

Here are the required steps:

  1. download all projects from myBalsamiq
  2. import all projects to Balsamiq Mockups 3 for desktop
    (steps 1 and 2 are detailed here:
  3. export the complete project to BMMLs zip
  4. upload the zip file in myBalsamiq
    (steps 3 and 4 are detailed here:
  5. You will then only need to rearrange the order of your mockups

Just a word of caution with this: you will loose comments, mockups notes and history by migrating the data.

Sorry for this process being convoluted for now, we are actually working on organizing projects better in the future to make this much easier. :wink:

I added your vote for the feature request. Thanks for input, that is always something we look for.



New to this so forgive my ignorance!

Can you link between different mockups within the same project - And if so how?




Totally, @Charlie_Bennett! And don’t apologize for anything - our myBalsamiq linking documentation is being redone. I’m sorry for any confusion we have caused you.

To link to another mockup, you have to use a control that supports linking. In the gif below, I chose the button control. You can see on the property inspector (the black window) that there is a section called “Links”. If you open that dropdown menu, you will see a list of the other mockups in the project. Simply choose one, and then save the mockup.

That button will now send anyone who presses it to the “Symbol Demo” mockup.

Let me know if you hit any snags with this. We are here to help!