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Is it possible to log in with a single license on a different PC and retrieve my projects?

Hey everyone,

Basically, what the title states. Can i log in on friends pc and download projects that are stored locally on mine?

Hi @Kraitto,

  1. Licenses are tied to humans, not a particular machine. But you need to log out later, to comply to the license.

  2. You cannot download projects that are stored locally on a different PC, but you can copy and open these on a different PC

So, yes you can. But why haven’t you tried it? Writing post takes much time, compared to empirical “try and error” method :wink:

Thanks for outlining those 2 points @Alexey_Kolchenko.

@Kraitto, I should add that, if you have a Balsamiq Cloud account you can connect to Cloud from the desktop app and access all your Cloud-based projects.