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Is it possible to merge projects in the same site?



I have a MyBalsamiq-account where I currently have two different projects. I would like to gather all the current mockups (4 in one project and 13 in the other) into the same project.

I know I can download an entire project and then upload each bmml and asset into to my project of choice. But is there a simplier way than uploading 13 projects and various assets? A “merge”-function of sorts?


Hi, @Joacim_Svensson. Interesting idea. One thing that we hope to do in the future is allow you to copy or move mockups between projects, and I can add to that story the ability to do it in batches.


Hi Mike,

Any updates on this?


Hey @Joacim_Svensson

Thanks for checking back in on this :). We are actually gearing up to start beta testing a big myBalsamiq update this summer (fingers crossed). While a merge is still something that we are discussing, I think you’ll find that project management (in general) is going to get a lot more friendly!

Thanks for the nudge :). Let us know if there are other things you’d like to see!


Hi Brendan, thanks for the quick response!

How about the copy/move-functionality Mike mentioned (minus the ability to do that in batches), will something like that be available (or perhaps unecessary) in the big update?


I will poke the team now and see what’s going on with that. We definitely want to do better with Project/Mockup management in the update.


If you manage to sneak in the ability to copy/paste elements between projects (i.e not whole mockups, just specific elements) that would be super! Same scenario (linked projects) but slightly different use case (wanting to copy elements for homogeneity between mockups)


I would love to be able to do this. We have created several projects that have independent facets of our design, and now we want to knit them together in a top-level menu flow. But it seems really hard to do. I think that this will work, but it seems error-prone and haven’t tried it yet:
1 – Download .zip files for all projects to merge
2 – Expand the .zip files and merge all .bmml and assets into one folder
3 – Rezip the merged folder
4 – Update / create new project from the merged .zip file.
5 – Deal with broken links, duplicate names, etc.


I’m sorry that this is such a hassle right now, @jlilley. It’s on our list of things to look at for the next generation of myBalsamiq.

In the interim, it may be easier to download/upload the individual mockups, rather than creating a new zip file. You can find details on how to do that here.

I’m sorry again for any a headache this is causing you, but I really appreciate you taking the time to let us know that this is important to you and your team.

It helps up prioritize features!

If there is anything else you can think of, please let us know.


The ZIP download/merge/upload actually seems to work pretty nicely, especially if there are no conflicting mockup names. One thing that is hard, however, is a global rename of the merged mockups. Suppose we are coming from a set projects – like “Joe you do the table-create, Matt you do the commit sequence, etc”. The mockups in these projects were all named however each person wanted to. Now I’d like to knit them all together with a top-level menu/icon navigation that is actually pretty straightforward, except I’d like all the table-create ones to be named starting with “TC” and all the commit sequence as “CS” so that we can keep track of every thing (although folders would be much nicer!). But… I need to get into the bmml’s and rename each link reference. Being programmers, we can hack up some scripts. I’ll let you know if that works. The URL encoding inside the BMML is a little scary, but so long as our names are long and unique it seems like we’ll figure it out.

At least the BMML are “just text files” so it is not THAT hard to wrangle :slight_smile:

So if I can put in a feature request, it would be along the lines of merging multiple projects into a coherent navigation. Or cross-linking between projects, embedding sub-projects, that kind of thing. I’m sure I’m not the first one to mention it. Thanks!


Hi Brendan, any update to the possibility to merging the projects together? - Have a top node of a specific project and add other menial projects/designs within that node?


It’s definitely something we are talking about, @ugovindaraju1.

I am not sure when we will be able to pull the trigger on it, but knowing that it’s becoming a highly requested feature helps us prioritize! Thank you for that. :slight_smile: