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Is it possible to permanently show the dimensions of each UI element

Afternoon, The wire frame that I have to make requires pixel dimensions of every element and the gaps between them shown at all times. I realise this is not normally required when wire framing but in this case it not optional. Is this possible within Balsamiq desktop or am I going to have to import the exported image/pdf into another program and do them manually with arrows and text boxes :frowning: If you know a faster/better solution please let me know.

Hope you can help and save me a few hours unnecessary work.

Thanks Jonny

Hi @Jonny_Craig and welcome to the forum,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a built-in feature to display the dimensions of elements, nor the distance between elements. As a low-fidelity wireframing tool (as opposed to a more pixel-accurate design tool) it’s not something that’s really within the scope of the tool.

We do offer arrows and text controls so you could add the dimensions within your wireframe using Balsamiq e.g.


That would save a step but I fear it would be quite a lot of work to create and maintain. Sorry to not have a better answer - let us know if you have any other questions.