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Is there a way to Archive Projects

I’ve got projects that I’d like to archive. I don’t want to completely lose them. However, I probably won’t need them again and I’d like them to not count against my project limit.

Hi there @Scott_Nusbaum

While Cloud does not offer an online archive feature, you can ‘archive’ a project yourself any time by simply downloading it to your local hard drive. See: Downloading Projects

Also, tangentially related, you can use our Dropbox Backup feature to automatically save a copy of your projects which is, in a sense, automatic archiving ‘just in case’.

Thanks for the quick response!

If I could make a request…would be nice to send it to a Google Drive instead of Dropbox

I can get by downloading to hard drive and uploading to Google…but would be nice to do with a single click…I’m lazy… :dizzy_face:

Hey @Scott_Nusbaum, Of course.

That said, if you are a Google Drive user, did you know that we have a version of Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive? Get back to us if you have any questions, ok?

Thanks so much! This sounds like it will be helpful. I’ve gone ahead and added the Balsamiq App to Google and I’m seeing it everywhere.

How do I get that so it’s tied to my existing account? When I go to Balsamiq from Google it appears that I’m in a blank space and I can’t see my existing Balsamiq projects…how do I get them to show up?


Hey Scott,

Balsamiq for Google Drive is a separate product, so it’s not tied into your Balsamiq Cloud/Desktop or Balsamiq for Atlassian accounts. If you want to access a project from Balsamiq Cloud, you would need to download the project (as Alasdair mentioned) and then upload it to Google Drive.

Once uploaded, you can open it from Google Drive.

Sorry if we confused you with that, my friend. We have plans for better connectivity between our apps - we just need the time to implement them :).