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Is there a way to lock the project?


I would like to make project available to users so that they can see wireframes, notes and comments but not able to update any. Is that possible?


There isn’t, @sslavnic. That’s something we made sure to add to Balsamiq Cloud, but there isn’t a way to do that in myBalsamiq. I’m sorry about that, my friend.

You can use the Prototype View, and while that will lock users from changing anything, it won’t allow users to see comments on individual mockups.


Don’t laugh at me, what’s the difference between myBalsamiq and Cloud? I thought I was using myBalsamiq while I was probably using Cloud.


Not at all, my friend. I’m just sorry that we confused you.

myBalsamiq is our legacy web app that was based on Flash. Balsamiq Cloud is the new, modern web app.

If you’re using Balsamiq Cloud, you can add folks to the project with comment and review permissions, which would accomplish exactly what you’re after.

You can also send them a Full Screen Link with comments, if you’d rather not add them to the project.

If you’re on myBalsamiq, and would like to move to Balsamiq Cloud, let me know. I know a guy who knows a guy :wink: