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Is there a way to make sub-bullets under the first level of bullets?

There are many times I want to create a bulleted list with more than one level.

  • I want this list item
    • And I want an item indented under it as well.
  • List item

Then I want another item

It looks like Balsamiq only ever has supported one level though (in 2 or 3). This would be useful both in the “Sticky/Comments” section as well as the “Text/Paragraph” widget.


Hi @grebe,

Not 100% sure if there’s a way within the program to create sub-bullets, but you could work around it using the keyboard shortcuts for bullets on a Mac!

Pressing “option+8” will give you a bullet like this •
Pressing “option+0” will give you a bullet like this º

It’s not the cleanest method, but with spaces you can make something similar to the picture I attached :smile:

On Windows it would be alt code 7 and 9. So hold alt and type either 7 or 9 on your num-pad.

Alt+NumPad7 •
Alt+NumPad8 ◘
Alt+NumPad9 ○

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Thanks @jariin even i was looking for windows thing .

Are these just the characters, or the indent as well? I’m looking more for the automatic indent. For example, * would be the first indent, ** would be the indent under that, and so on.

That’s not supported right now, but we plan on improving our markdown support in the future. I’ll add it to our tracker, thanks for the request!

@grebe That is only for the symbols. As Peldi stated there is no support for automatic bullet lists yet. I was looking to see if you could make them in Word and copy them over, but the indents don’t come over in the copy. Right now I think you’re stuck putting in spaces manually.

"jarin it works and it doesnt sometimes is their any other shortcut

There are a few ways to do it. However, alt codes should work in any GUI application. The trick is you have to use the numpad and normally you have to have numlock on. Alt+numpad0149 should also give you a •.

Some other ways are to copy and paste the symbols. If you type your bullet list in Word you can copy and paste it. You will just have to manually adjust the spacing after pasting. The character map tool in Windows can show you the alt codes for various symbols and allow you to copy them to your clipboard. It is found under the start menu -> All programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map.

If you use the symbols often then you could setup shift states using a custom keyboard map. There is a good guide I like for this in the following article,

I have used this before for mapping accented characters on my keyboard. It should work for bullet points.

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I would love to see bullets, sub-bullets and numbered list support. As Balsamiq already supports a subset of Markdown I’d hope this wouldn’t be difficult.

I’m a long-time user and LOVE the product, but so wish it had this.


Need sub bullets! Working on a menu list that has sub items.

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Is there any update on this item? I am not seeing it in the latest version.

Hi @KumoJosh and thanks for reviving the topic.

No change so far but I’ll add your vote to the request. Thanks for sharing your need!