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Is there a way to show an item when another items is clicked


I need to find a way to show a mega-menu for my main nav.

Is there any way to do this?

hide/show, bring to front?


Hi @GJankowski Currently, no, we don’t provide links for changing any state within the Mockup. The most Mockups provides for demonstration or prototyping is the ability to click between static pages.

The workaround if you’re trying to prototype is to clone the Mockup and provide the changed state in the clone.

Maybe some of these ideas for how to specify states in wireframes may be helpful as well:


Thanks for the reply.

So you guys wouldn’t consider a simple show/hide on click interaction?

I have tried other tools, but I still like Balsamiq and adding some simple interactions would make it even better.


It’s already on our list for consideration. :slight_smile: We have core features that are quite a bit higher in priority that we’re working on, but we’re not precluded from going that way in the future.

There are a lot of products that do interaction well, and while it’s a direction we could go in the future, we’re still focussed on seeing the vision through for providing a great wireframing tool, and not on making a prototyping tool for the time being.


To me this is a missing killer feature. I spend a lot of time cloning just to show the effect of this or that click. There has to be a much better way.


Hey, I’ve tried multiple wire framing and UX apps. In the end I settled on Axure, but the price point for axure is just way too high. This looks like the next best alternative ( in the trial phase currently ) and it really lacks this major feature. A toggle/click-actions is vital when presenting in meetings and to clients. This should be set really high on your priority list and if you can get this, I will definitely turn into a customer.


Hey Mike, Mega Menus are a huge thing right now and because they are such a good use of space I think they will be around a while. Adding a Mega Menu drop-down would go a long way to help your customers.


Hey @Paul_of_Chester

We actually have a user-made Mega Menu at our Wireframes to Go Community Site.

Here is how to get it into your existing projects.


Hello Brendan,
Thank you for the reply. This seems to be what I need.
I am new to your product so I apologize if these are “newbe questions”.
My version does not seem to have the “more controls” button to the right of the menu bar.


Thank you for your help.


Oh, I’m sorry about the confusion there, Paul. That button only exists in our Balsamiq Wireframes apps, and that update isn’t coming to Desktop until next year.

If you’d like to use that in your Mockups 3 for Desktop project, you can download the BMPR and move the symbol into your existing project.

We are in that awkward stage of a transition where things get a little worse before they get a lot better. I’m sorry about that. Our desktop apps will get the ability to automagically import soon!