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Is there an easy way to replace one word across all the mockup?


This really annoys me as we do iterations very frequently. And terms can be changed couple times along the way, not to mention typos…Sometimes I have to update one single term on 40+ mockups. Does anyone have experience with a quick term change? I believe Axure has this find/replace function, can balsamiq considers adding this feature as well.


Hi @Takki_L, this is on our list for the future. There is not a way to do it right now. If it’s going to be something like a header, you could make it a symbol ( But for text and terms throughout the project, there’s not a good solution. Sorry!


in the old .bmml files you can do a find/replace with a text editor and then import it back to Balsamiq3. But I would not recommend that :smile:


Hm. I never tried that option in B2, but now I’m wondering if one could do this with the JSON output from a BMPR…

Edited to add: Yes you can, but this is less useful since the JSON export only does one mockup at a time.


I would like to be able to rename a text in a whole Balsamiq project (all mockups within a project). Often we use made-up data in the various mockups. When we want to change this data, we would like to do a search and replace so the new data text is available consistently throughout all mockups.

Currently, it involves manually search for text and editing the text in all mockups (tedious, easy to miss one). Or export each mockup separately to JSON, search/replace in a text editor and import back into the project (very tedious).


I feel your pain nielso, hope balsamiq team can move this request to the top priority soon…


Any update on this feature?


Hi again @olivesu and sorry friends for the lack of updates on this one.

We are working hard on the next major version of our tool (which will be native) right now but we definitely plan to tackle this once we release a native version of our product. In the meantime, we keep adding all your votes for the request, to help us to prioritize it.

We’ll keep you all in the loop once we get to it! We’ll be here if you need anything else in the meantime.


Is there any update with regards to above?


No update yet @Rashmi_Gandhi but I’m adding your vote for this one.

We’re getting closer to the native version of our apps (new web version already in private beta) and then we’ll revisit our most requested features.

Thanks for your patience, we’ll get there! :slight_smile:


Wish to get soon which will reduce my so much of work at times :slight_smile:


Add my vote.

I’ve never seen any kind of content creation system that lacks this functionality from Notepad, Word processors, Spread sheets, html editors, programming editors etc…

Very surprising oversight for an otherwise well thought out and nice product.

P.S. I tried editing the .bmpr file in a hex editor, but apparently the text is encoded and not clear because I could not find the strings I wanted to change.