Is there an estimation for Mockups 3 for Confluence Server?


I just installed your Mockups for Confluence Server and discovered surprisingly that the version for the Server is Mockups 2.
Is it in your road map to release Mockups 3 for Confluence Server? If yes when is it planed to be released?


We definitely want to update the editor in Mockups for Confluence Server, @Ori_Shalom, and the wait shouldn’t be too much longer.

We are about to ship a beta of our updated JIRA Server plugin, and once we ship that, we will get to work on Confluence Server. I cannot give you an accurate timetable for the Confluence Server update right now, but if you keep an eye on our blog, we will definitely announce it there when it’s ready. :slight_smile:


@Brendan it’s been a few months since your last update, which was “shouldn’t be much longer”. Do you know roughly an ETA when you might know the official release ETA? This is a deal breaker for us with the Confluence Server plugin at this point. Thank you!


Sorry about the lack of updates, @Shorigan. It’s taking a little longer than we expected to get the beta on JIRA server rolling, but we are getting closer to a release there.

We should be rolling a beta of the Confluence Server version of the plugin soon. If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to add you and your team to the beta tester’s list. Just let me know.

While I don’t have a firm timetable, we are definitely a lot closer than we were in February. :slight_smile:


Yes please! We’re down to be in the Beta!


Done and done, my friend. We will be in touch!


Hi Brendan, please add me to the list on beta, as we have been waiting for quite some time as well.


Hi @Brendan, my group would like to get onto the beta tester list for the Confluence Server version too if possible.


Absolutely, Craig. I’ve added your forums email to the list! :slight_smile:


Same here, was just confused about the different versions in cloud and server for Confluence. Considering buying your plugin for server in case the functionality is similar to Cloud Mockup 3.
Would appreciate to get a beta insight as well…


Hi @hhunfeld,

The new version for Confluence Server will be very similar to the current Confluence Cloud one indeed. I’m adding your email address to the list. We’ll be in touch soon!


Please add me to the list of Beta testers. Thanks!