Is there an overview of all balsamiq projects?

Is is possible to navigate to sort of an overview of all the (active) projects associated with various Jira issues? Or can a Balsamiq project only be found by navigating to it, through the Jira issue?

Hi @Bajinai,

Unfortunately, out integration works at the individual ticket level so we don’t offer an overview feature. It’s possible you could get close to what you need by searching Jira for issues with attachments (see: Search by attachment name. Balsamiq project files have the extension .BMPR.

Even that may not work (and is still not ideal if it does). I don’t like not having a better answer for you. Get back to me with any questions, ok, Bajinal?

@Bajinai Just to add on to Alasdair’s comment, this is something we are working on.

I don’t have solid release date yet, but we literally talked about it this morning. :slight_smile:

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@alasdair @Brendan Thanks for the quick replies! I’ll try the attachment name workaround, and use that for now. Good to hear that a proper feature is in the pipeline, as I consider it quite the improvement/core feature!

Keep up the good work!