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Issue adding new Assets to Project


Currently using myBalsamiq. I used to be able to Add custom icons, i.e. from material-design-balsamiq-master.

Because uploading all the icons from the “material-design-balsamiq-master” would impact speed I have only been importing Icon images as needed, (ideally as a work around until FontAwesome Icons is fully integrated into myBalsamiq).

At the the moment it seems like I am unable to add any more. I am used to seeing the + icon next to Project and Site Assets.

Any ideas? Help?
BTW - Would really love to see FontAwesome icons supported but then also the option to switch to use Material Design icons. The Application I am working on is following MD spec and using the Icons native in myBalsamiq would be a huge feature in my opinion.

Polymer and Material Design

Hi @AnzacTaurus

I am sorry we missed your question…

To upload custom icons in myBalsamiq please use the steps of following tutorial.
Instead of selecting a bmml file you can select your icons (you can upload several icons at once).

If you have the edito open it will reload the icons after a few seconds.

We are discussing currently options to bring the font awesome icons to myBalsamiq.


Thanks for the reply Floran.
I stumbled upon the tutorial after I posted it but thanks for the link. Ive tried this and I have found importing say a large library of icons to be hit and miss. I broke down Google’s Material Design icons 700+ icons into smaller chunks to upload, but this was rather tedious.

There are a couple of key projects at the moment which we are leveraging the collaboration benefits of myBalsamiq for and love it. The projects will be based on Googles Material Design guidelines though and hence the need or design to align the icons closely.

So this begs the question and potential future release idea.
The Default the theme is Sketch, which can be switch to a “Skin” theme which is certainly cleaner and looks great! Maybe in the future a Google Material Design theme which doesn’t use Font Awesome as the Icons but the standard Google Material Design Icon library?

As a UX designer I would like to work more in medium fidelity UI with design assetts which match or align closely to the MD spec.


Thanks for the request to add Material Design icons to our shipped icon set. I’ve added this request to our tracker for consideration.


I had the same trouble. I had to split the upload into groups. Also when I save on some cloud drive, the project takes an age to load. I thought at first it could be network but now thinking it might be the 700 MD icons.