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Issue with IE11 and Conf 4.0.44 (server)


Hello all,

We are trying to update to a newer version of confluence, and in our 2 Test environments we have a major problem with IE11 and the Balsamiq Addon for Confluence (server)

After the upgrade to 4.042 and 4.044, when Trying to add text to any Balsamiq element in IE11 cannot change text (like if
you add a text box then double click on it, typing is disabled) – it works on Chrome, Firefox, and Even Microsoft Edge, but alas, most of our users use IE11.

We did some searching in their support, and we heard that some people had this problem before, in IE back in 2014, however it was on a customer by customer basis.

Is this something you can help us with? – this is the last holdout preventing our upgrade.


Hey @callen, thanks so much for reporting this.

It looks like a regression - something with the way that Confluence and the editor interact. Our dev team is digging into it now.

We will get it fixed. I will update you as soon as I have news.


Good morning @Brendan. I noticed that version 4.0.47 was just released. Does this version include a fix for this issue?

Also, anyway we an get better release notes on the versions? All we usually see is “bug fixes” which doesn’t help if you are waiting for an issue to be fixed.


This should be fixed in the latest release @PalmBeach2210.

Release notes are definitely something we are looking at. It’s a little difficult right now because we are releasing fixes constantly. I’m sorry that they aren’t great right now, we should do better there.


@Brendan we seem to have the same issue using 4.0.47. Was this the version you were referring to?


Hmm, it should be in 47, but let’s try version 49 from here. We haven’t released that on the Atlassian Marketplace yet, but it should have the most recent editor changes.

If it doesn’t work in 49, let me know, and we will investigate further.


Looks like version 49 did not resolve the issue for us.


Ugh, I’m sorry @PalmBeach2210. I will talk to the devs. It was definitely supposed to be fixed in that build.

As soon as I have an update, I will post it here.


Sorry to keep going back and forth on this @PalmBeach2210.

Would you mind trying this build?


I tested it for @PalmBeach2210 – and it worked on our environment! Great job guys!


Sorry for the wild goose chase, there. We built a version right before that fix shipped, so we built a new one this morning :slight_smile: