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Issue with multiple checkboxes / radio buttons within a column in a Data grid


When I try to add Multiple Checkboxes within one Column of a data Grid they convert to links.

Name, City, Notifications
Robert, New York, Phone Email
Cindy, San Francisco, Phone Email

Instead of checkboxes they convert to links.
Event if I use only one Check box and text e.g Phone, still won’t work.
Only checkbox by themselves seem to work inside a column in a data grid

Is this a known issue ?


Hi @Stallion_V,

A quick pass suggests there is an issue with the parsing when there’s more than one checkbox in a row. I need to dig into a big to better understand it. In the meantime would this work for you?:

Name, City, Notifications
Robert, New York,Phone,[x],Email,[x]
Cindy, San Francisco,Phone,[x],Email,[]


Thanks @alasdair, that was the only work around I found. But we are wanting to avoid creating multiple columns just for the checkboxes.
We have use cases where we want to

  • Show information next to check boxes and
  • Multiple checkboxes as well in a column.
    Would be great if the bug can be fixed.


Hi @Stallion_V,

Looks like we have one other report of this behavior and a request for improvement here to allow checkboxes and text to be used in the same column in the datagrid.

I’ll log your report formally - as we do with all reports and feature requests. For now, hopefully the workaround is a workable compromise for now?