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Issue with opening Balsamiq 3


I just recently starting using Balsamiq Mockups 3 and I am seeing some strange behavior on boot up. The application (on Mac) appears to startup, yet doesn’t seems to be fully load the libraries and doesn’t want to finish loading up the application or project. I can quit the application, so it is not stuck (and force quitting out of the application). Any thoughts on possible remedies?


I’m really sorry about that @reisfeld. There was a small issue that affected some users when upgrading to version 3.2. It looks like you are one of the (un)lucky winners.

Not to worry though, there is a fix.

If you head over to and grab the latest beta version of Mockups, installing that should solve the problem. If you are feeling generous, we’d love to get a copy of the BalsamiqMockups3.log file in your local store folder. You can find it by going to the Mockups About dialog box, and clicking the “Open Local Store Folder” link.

If you would rather not install beta software (and we totally understand if that is the case) there is another way to get you up and running. I’ll walk you through those steps too, just in case.

  1. Close Mockups (you may have to force quit it)
  2. Head to to the Local Store folder (you’ll have to browse to it manually - directions for that are here:
  3. Delete your local store folder

Again, if you are feeling generous, (and you have decided to go this route) your BalsamiqMockups3.db and MockupsSettings.db files would be super helpful to us. We really want to figure out what is causing this bug, and those files (either the .log file with the beta version, or the DB files with the current version) will help us home in on it.

The best email to send those files to would be

I’m sorry again about this. I know it’s a hassle, but we are doing everything we can to get it fixed!