It's gotten harder to find an icon I need

I see that you’ve added a lot more icons - filled and outlined, etc., but overall I’ve felt that it’s a LOT harder to search and get a simple icon I want. When you had fewer icons, it was so easy to start typing" user", and get a basic font-awsome ‘user head’, or start typing “help” and get a question mark icon. Now I get a 100 more suggestions and I end up scrolling more with mo luck. One issue is that your icon search doesn’t pick up the related icon, and two, too many choices for a lo-fi prototyping app. My two cents!

The icon situation is…complicated, to say the least.

We wanted to update our Font Awesome icons because it had been a few years. As it turns out, though, there were a lot of additions in those few years (and we didn’t even add all of them!)

With that said, changes are coming to help with this, @TanyaG. For one, the search will be better (we actually made this worse by mistake in a recent update - I’m sorry about that!). Another will be that we are rethinking the UI Library as a whole to make it easier to find the control that you need.

I’m sorry if the update to icons has made things more complex, Tanya. We will make some changes here that should help, but I’d love to hear back from you to see if it’s helpful for you.

Let us know, after next month’s* update, what you think. :slight_smile:

*Assuming no show stoppers. Anything can happen in the new few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

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I totally struggle with this as well since the icon update. Its almost like I need to mark icons as ‘favorites’ or highlight the ones commonly used in the file first instead of searching by label.


Add me to the list of frustrated “icon searchers”. Any updates on when we might see these “changes”? One really cool approach might be to allow us to apply localized ‘aliases’ to icons, to give them names that are meaningful to ourselves (or favoriting, as already suggested). I can detect a certain amount of “naming standards” (e.g., if you’re looking for the triangle with the exclamation point inside, or a circle with a question mark in it, then the rule is “shape name first, then enclosed symbol”. But even that’s not always consistent).
The “simple user head” is a great example: “person” - nope, that’s full-body. “agent” - not a single hit. “head” - nope, not that one either. Oh, here it is: “user”. (!)

Thanks for sharing your need, @Steven_Swinkels.

We have recently implemented some changes to the UI library, and more will come in the next release (likely next week)! I just tested it, and searching for “person” will list the “user” results.