JIRA AND Confluence linking both to one file


Is there a way to use a balsamic file I have on a Confluence page in a JIRA issue without having to export it out of Confluence and back into JIRA ? I want one source in Confluence and have any changes I make there be reflected in the JIRA issue.



Hi @warbel,

While there is no way to share a single file between both platforms, we are trying to come up with a way to achieve this need in a different way. I’ve added your vote to this feature request and we’ll keep looking into it.

Thanks for sharing your need today, we’ll be here to help if you need anything else.


I think, there’s a way to connect JIRA and Confluence with each other.


I just wanted to add that while there isn’t a way to edit a file between both platforms, you can create an image link in Jira that links back to the PNG we export in Confluence. It’s a hack-y workaround, but it will work.

We are working on a permalink feature that will make this easier, but hopefully that workaround helps, @warbel.


I will try the image link back from JIRA to the PNG. How do I obtain the URL to the PNG files ? Where are they actually at ? @Brendan


Should be in the Confluence Page’s Attachments @warbel

Let me know if that works.